Freaky Friday


Prompt: You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/ hate. Tell us what happens.

If I were to switch places with someone, it would have to be my daughter Peyton. Life would be so simple if I was a kid again, even just for a day. I would start the day by sleeping in until noon (she wakes up at 7:30 most days, but if I were her my ass would sleep in), wake up to a delicious breakfast that’s just placed in front of me all ready to go. I’d make a mess when I was full, just because I wouldn’t have to clean it up (and making messes is fun, right?) I’d watch tv shows, and color, and cuddle. I’d take advantage of nap time and I would eat whatever snacks I felt like eating. I would throw fits to get my anger out, and relax (because I wouldn’t have a million things to do like wash dishes and do laundry.) If I was her I would enjoy the simplicity of things and not take it for granted.



An Inner Monologue Of Someone With Writer’s Block


I completely agree. Been there! Still there! Ugh.

Thought Catalog


Remember that time Stephanie from 7th grade dumped milk on your head at lunch in the cafeteria? Let’s dwell on that for an hour.

No. Wait. Come on. We can be productive. Productive. Productive. Yeah, this is really productive. I can do better than this, can’t I?

Oh no. What if I can’t? What if I’ve completely run out of original ideas forever? Is that even possible? I wonder if it is. Is it even possible to Google that? What would you even type into the search bar, “The death of independent thought”? That sounds like a B-movie.

Not even, sounds like a C-movie. Like “Birdemic.” That movie was incredible. Didn’t they make a sequel to that? Hell yeahthey did!

Ok, that’s enough daydreaming. Let’s think of something people want to read. What do I know about that I can share with the…

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Prompt: When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Were you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could just fade into the woodwork?

Personally, I enjoy attention. I know some people don’t but I thrive on it. The last time I was really in the limelight was the night after my birthday. I felt ballsy and got everclear and made jungle juice, and got 5 people pretty trashed. Everyone was happy and laughing and for that night I felt like I really fit in with the adults. Felt good getting positive attention from people that didn’t judge or criticize and liked me for me.